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Sunday December 6th @ 6:30pm

1st course
Papusas Curtido, Chicharron, Salsa Picante (corn tortilla, pork belly, cabbage salad, salsa)
Trapiche Pinot Noir Oak Cask - Argentina

2nd course
Moqueca Capixaba (Brazilian fish stew) Pacific cod, shrimp, tomato-lime broth, soft manioc polenta
Graffingia Pinot Grigio Centenario - Argentina

3rd course
Pan Roasted Red Snapper fennel, mussels, linguiƧa-quinoa risotto, roasted lobster oil
Trapiche Torrantes - Argentina

4th course
Marinated Grilled Flank Steak pork roasted sweet potatoes, tomatillo-poblano salsa,queso fresco
Graffignia Grand Reserve Malbec - Argentina

5th course
Torta de mil Hoyas (1000 layer cake) spiced caramel
Trapiche Moscato - Argentina

$54 per person
reserve early - space is limited!



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